'FLYING PEOPLE SHOP' Is a brainchild of Philippe and GiGi. Two passionate flying people offering an exciting shopping platform for all of you out there, just as enthusiastic about flying as us.


The idea of Aviation related Shop  sparked a year ago when a research for an aviation related gift became a feeling of despair. All the aviation clothing out there was the same!

The urge to create something new, more exciting, colourful and modern was inevitable. Wether you are a colour  or a more subtle person, we have something for everyone!

All products are designed by GiGi. Wether you are into helicopters, aeroplanes, rockets or skydiving, we have something for you all fellow flying people.

Products for those in aviation world or those IN RELATIONSHIP with someone in aviation world we offer unique gifts for ALL the aviation enthusiasts!

Check out the shop! We have launched!